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Sebastian Design was founded in 1967 in Copenhagen, by Ingelise and Bjorn Kahrs.

The main activity was production of pottery and also a small shop. The pottery was in great demand, and the production facilities in Copenhagen was not good enough.

In 1969 an old, former cheese and milk processing factory was acquired. This was situated in the small town of Hyllinge by Naestved about 100 km south of Copenhagen.

The pottery production continued to grow, new markets developed and more people were employed.

Everything was going fine, but in the summer of 1976 the pottery was destroyed by fire. A new factory was built and some though years followed. Rises in the price of oil, gas and electricity made life hard for energy consuming productions like pottery.

New lines of pottery, capable of carrying the heavier costs was introduced. This was very successful and in 1985 a new extension to the factory was built. In that year Sebastian Design for the first time took part in a fair, this was at the first FORMLAND fair in Herning.

To be able to show the pottery in the best possible way we felt it had to be displayed together with articles made of other materials like wood or textile. This soon led to the design of our own products in these and other materials.

In 1993 we had very strong designs especially in wooden articles like tulips and candleholders. This was the year we for the first time exhibited at the Ambiente in Frankfurt. The Ambiente and the Tendence in Frankfurt is said to be the most important gift fairs in the world, - well, it is for Sebastian Design!



In 1994 the office and warehouse space was more than doubled by building a large new block.

We design most of our new articles ourselves and they are produced for us in workshops or factories in the Nordic countries. Some of the production, the marketing and the distribution is done from Hyllinge.

We have about 3000 different articles in our program, and we export about 80% of our goods all over the world.





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Ingelise and Bjorn Kahrs